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June 14, 2024

ProustMe, Social Media’s Next Evolution


Mark Bolding
ProustMe Communications
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ProustMe , Social Media’s Next Evolution

Shreveport, Louisiana – April 22, 2024 ( – ProustMe, the world’s pioneering digital narratives platform, is set to revolutionize how we share and perceive stories online. This innovative app, available on both iOS and Android, integrates the depth of the Proust Questionnaire with advanced AI, enriching user profiles with multimedia elements to offer a new dimension in social media—a platform for users to share their narrative capital through texts, photos, videos, and audio.

Unlike existing social media platforms that prioritize quick, superficial exchanges, ProustMe focuses on deep, meaningful personal engagement. The platform’s use of the Proust Questionnaire—a tool famed for its ability to uncover the depth of a person’s true nature—combined with sophisticated AI, tailors the storytelling experience to each user, encouraging reflection and a dynamic, evolving exploration of self.

With a launch anticipated in early 2025, ProustMe is already drawing interest from varied sectors, including major sporting leagues and cultural organizations, all eager to connect with audiences on a more personal and profound level.

Mark Bolding, the Founder and Chief Curating Officer of ProustMe, brings a rich background from the hospitality and gaming industries to this venture. As an African American entrepreneur, Bolding is deeply invested in the power of personal stories. “Throughout my career, the resonance of shared personal stories has been undeniable. Everyone has a story that holds immense value,” said Bolding. “ProustMe is built on the premise that these stories deserve a platform that respects their depth and richness.”

ProustMe is not just for individuals; it is an ideal platform for public figures, athletes, and anyone wishing to share their journey with authenticity. It promises to shift the social media landscape towards genuine expression and deep, valuable connections.

About ProustMe
ProustMe is the first digital narrative platform that merges the Proust Questionnaire with cutting-edge AI technology and multimedia capabilities, allowing users to express and share their life stories in a uniquely engaging way. By emphasizing narrative depth over fleeting interactions, ProustMe is redefining social media into a space for substantial self-expression and connection.

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